Friday, November 5, 2021 – Snarky Friday for Week Ten

Friday, November 5, 2021 – Snarky Friday for Week Ten

There could be a whole lotta shaking going on this week. Since I don’t really care about the other teams in the mix, you can check those out yourself.

The following teams will be on my screens this weekend. Therefore I have selected the one which to snark.

Who is up for the early game? Liberty at Ole Miss at 11:00 on the SEC Network. Liberty Liberty Liberty! Lemu, Emu and Doug! Not that Liberty? Actually that is a relief. I thought we would have to watch the obnoxious commercials even more. The mascot for the Lynchburg, Virginia school is (are)The Flames – as in Hell, I think.

This is an interesting match-up. Hotty Toddy, the Ole Miss crowd has not even finished their first bloody Mary in The Grove by 11:00 AM. Speaking of The Grove and Liberty, I guess they won’t be serving sex on the beach drinks before or after the game. The Liberty coach, Hugh Freeze used to coach at Ole Miss. Nevertheless, it is in my best interest to pull for Liberty. Let’s go Freezing Flames!

The 2:30 games have much on the line.

I will not be watching, but you have Tulsa at Cincinnati at 2:30 on ESPN. Tulsa? This is why you are Number six in the rankings, Cincinnati. You must play a power team. The Tulsa Hurricanes do not count. Isn’t Tulsa landlocked?

The Big 12 games of interest are at 2:30.

Baylor visits Fort Worth to play TCU. Kick off is at 2:30 on Fox. The Patterson less Horn Frogs could spew blood from their eyes (that is what they do) if Baylor does not take care of business Saturday and dreams about OU. Therefore, I am piping in Bachman – Turner Over Drive on the bus to Fort Worth – to remind you that it is time to be Takin’Care of Business.

Oklahoma State at West Virginia at 2:30 on ESPN. West Virginia tries to maintain the top of the bottom four of the Big 12. Oklahoma State tries to make Bedlam interesting.

Mississippi State goes to Arkansas. They kick off at 3:00 on the SEC Network. Go State!

LSU plays Alabama play on ESPN in Tuscaloosa. Even LSU let Coach O finish the season. Do not let down your guard.

That’s it. Wait. It seems as though I have left out a couple. Here we are.

It took me a while to find the University of Texas game since the team is not in the Top 25. Aah! The game is in Ames, Iowa. The Horns visit Iowa State at 6:30 on FS1. The Game in Ames Stays Mainly on the Plains! Texas also tries to be the top of the bottom four of the Big 12 Conference.

Lastly, but truly a game of consequences for many and with many eyes watching is Auburn University visits Texas A&M University. Auburn at TAMU at 2:30 on CBS.

It is important to know certain things about one’s opponent. I read a history of Auburn University and will now share my thoughts.

Originally the school was called The East Alabama Male College and was founded in 1856. In 1871 the name was changed to Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama, and it became a land grant school. In 1899 the name was changed again to the Alabama Polytechnic Institute.  In 1960 the name was officially changed to Auburn. 1960!

I understand that there were several fires in the libraries during the early years. In one fire all fifteen of the books were burnt to a crisp. The librarians were able to save five of the books that had not been colored in.

Auburn’s name comes from the 1770 poet, Oliver Goldsmith. The opening line from The Deserted Village is,

“Sweet Auburn, loveliest village of the plain, where health and plenty cheared the labouring swain.”

The gist of the poem the idealization of life that is being destroyed by the loss of agrarian ways of life due to greed of landlords, economic and political change. Too bad that book didn’t burn in the library fires.

Who in the Flames of Liberty names an institution of higher education from a line a poem? An old poem by an Irishman written in the 18th century! One named Deserted Village? It was 1960 and this was the best you could come up with? What were the other options? “Call me, Ishamel” was not available?

Finally the mascot. Auburn’s mascot is a Tiger. Its name is Aubie. It is a person in a tiger outfit that spends time twirling his tail.

War Eagle is battle cry. Here is the alleged origin.

A Civil War veteran found an injured eagle on the battle field. He took it home and kept it for over 30 years. At the 1892 game between the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama and Georgia, the veteran brought the eagle to the game. Who brings a bird of prey to a football game? This was somewhat of an indicator of the level of education being offered at the time.

The bird got loose (after 30 years I would go for it too) and circled the field, just as the Alabama A&M team reached the end zone. Fans began to cheer “WAR EAGLE!”  I think the bird made a few more circles and swoops and then took a sudden nose dive into the ground and was dead. The chant remained. So I suppose War Eagle is better than Dead Bird.

So Auburn! Bring your labouring swain to Kyle Field because The 12th Man has health and will cheer plenty.


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