Friday, November 20, 2020 – Snarky Friday

Friday, November 20, 2020 – Snarky Friday


  • Texas A&M and Ole Miss
  • THE University of Texas and Kansas
  • Georgia Tech and Miami

Just flat out canceled

  • Central Arkansas and Louisiana
  • UL Monroe and Louisiana Tech

“Whomdoes that leave us upon which to snark?” That is from Shakespeare, I am pretty sure.  For Whom the Snark Tolls is from Hemmingway.  

First of all, I think Kansas should get the win even thought the game is postponed. Just because it THE University.

At 11:00 am we have The Blow Outs. This is an opportune time to run errands – grocery store, car wash, and such like things. Games should be extremely one sided save for Indiana Jones University and Ohio State University.

The 11:00 am games include, but are not limited to:

Florida and Vanderbilt on ESPN 11:00 – That in and of itself is a snark.

LSU and Arkansas on the SEC Network 11:00 – This has the potential of an upset, granted a mild one at this point of the season.

 # 9 Indiana # 3 Ohio State at 11:00 am – Tell me again how both of you are ranked in the Top 10. You have not played a combined 10 games, have you?

Clemson and Florida State on ABC at 11:00 am. Trevor is back from his COVID quarantine. Florida State is not back from much of anything.

Finally, in the afternoon, we have:

Kentucky and Alabama 3:00 on the SEC Network. Alabama should probably be up there with The Blow Outs. I mean after all, Kentucky barely escaped with a victory from Vanderbilt last weekend.

Nothing spectacular until nightfall (which is about 5:30 CST).

Tennessee and Auburn 6:00 ESPN – Hmm. Tennessee has not played a game in 14 days. Auburn has not played a game in 21 days. Rocky Top really needs a win, but I doubt it will be against Auburn.

Mississippi State and Georgia 6:30 on the SEC Network in a Battle (sort of) of the Bulldogs. Another welcome to the SEC for Mike and State. Welcome to Between the Hedges and to Georgia. Ensure UGA and Bully have had their shots.

And then BEDLAM! Oklahoma State and Oklahoma 6:30 on ABC.

When was the last time Oklahoma State was ranked higher than OU for the Bedlam game? May I offer each team a suggestion based on past appearances. HOLD ON TO THE DAMN FOOTBALL!

And again, why are you listed below here in the top?

# 2 ND *

 # 11 Oregon *

# 10 Wisconsin *

*Just wanted to ensure you have a big old Assterick by your name.

BTHO COVID. Wear your mask! Stay safe.

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