Monday, October 26, 2020 – Dreary Awards

Monday, October 26, 2020 – Dreary Awards

Once upon a season dreary

While we pondered weak and weary…

I am giving the entire Big 12 the Poe Award. Not for Edgar Allan Poe, but because they all looked poe (poor)

Baylor 16 Texas 27

K-State 55 Kansas 14

OU 33 TCU 14

Iowa State 21 OSU 24 – I do award Oklahoma State Best Uniforms. Of course any thing would look good against Iowa State uniforms.

West Virginia 27 TT 34

With the return of the Big 10 we have Back Home Again, in Indiana – Penn State 35 Indiana 36 –– Indiana wins The Pylon Award for just barely hitting the pylon on the goal line to win in overtime on a controversial call. Penn State, however, does win the Ugly Uniforms – always a perennial favorite.

Speaking of perennial and controversial calls… Auburn once again wins on a controversial call late in 4th Quarter AGAIN! How many is this? Once is an observation. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a science. Auburn wins a Hank Williams Award for Your Cheating Heart. And the referring crew wins the Helen Keller Stevie Wonder Award. Auburn 35 Ole Miss 28

The Dr. Sheldon Cooper Award goes to CBS Booth Mouth Gary Danielson for an being obnoxious know it all. CBS? Please get rid of him.

Cincinnati wins the Three Amigos Injury Award for all being injured on the same play. Cincinnati SMU.

SFA and Abilene Christian – Shirts Off Award goes to the Stephen F. Austin coach and the Lumberjacks for winning in OT.

Sadly, the last award for this week is the Pyrrhus of Egypt Award from which we get the term “Pyrrhic victory.” It refers to a success that is gained at such a high price that victory is costly. On the opening kickoff.  Alabama lost their wide receiver Jaylen Waddle with an ankle injury. Alabama 48 Tennessee 17

Do you realize that there is a full moon, which is a blue moon, that falls on Halloween, followed by the time change and followed by one of the biggest presidential elections in your lifetime? And they all occur within four days of each other? Quote the Raven “Nevermore.”

Stay safe. Wear your mask. And be sure to vote.

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