Friday, April 10, 2020 – Easter WeekEnd

Friday, April 10, 2020 – Easter WeekEnd

We are preparing for an Easter weekend like no other. With the exception of the Original and Big One of course.

Today, I celebrated Good Friday and did the Stations of the Cross (Catholic thing) online. I have never done the Stations from my home before. I do hope that God did not mind that there was a cat in my lap.  Imagine how difficult it is to genuflect from a chair.

After those prayers, I geared up with my mask and went to two stores. I spent $11.00 at the Farm Patch. I bought an eggplant, okra, and Brussel sprouts. Yes, I like them. And I especially like them in the air fryer.

Then I spent $50.00 at the liquor store. According to my math that is about even.

I will be sad that I will not be with family on Easter Sunday. I miss going to mass or church with some of them. I miss the great Easter food that is prepared afterward – especially, Deann’s chocolate chip cookies and Debbie or Kristen’s Nanny Cake. Both cookies and cake are as close to Mama’s as possible.

I will miss watching the great great nieces dressed in their Easter frocks. I hope pictures are taken.

Bottom line, I will miss you and that I love “Love you Heap Big.” But we must stay safe. I am confident that we will be together soon.

So, wherever you are on Sunday, I hope the day is filled with joy and happiness. And of-course the True celebration of the day.

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