Monday, April 6, 2020 – Life in the Time of Corona

Monday, April 6, 2020 – Life in the Time of Corona

Here I am yesterday going to the grocery store.

bandana face

I was able to find one package of four rolls of toilet paper. There is a limit of one package to a customer. Then I was able to trade those four rolls for a box of Clorox Wipes.

Seriously, I am OK and hope that all is well at your house. I have much to be thankful for.

In happy news, Mississippi State women’s’ basketball coach, Vic Shaefer, will be the new women’s’ basketball coach at THE University of Texas. Or course we all know that Coach Shaefer is a Texas A&M graduate – Class of 1984.

Here’s what I’m thinking. When all else fails, bring in a Texas Aggie to get it done right. It will be interesting to hear him say “Praise the Lord and Hook ‘Em Horns!” Oh well, at least one of the phrases is a good one. I also wonder how long it will take for a game between TU and Texas A&M women’s basketball to be on the schedule. Good luck, Vic and Shaefer family.

My plans for today include taking a walk around the neighborhood, making some more masks and practicing professional chair sitting. I have even entertained thoughts of weeding the flower bed and cleaning out the refrigerator. I hope the last two thoughts go away quickly.

Anyway, here’s to another Monday that moves us one day closer to this being over.

4 responses to “Monday, April 6, 2020 – Life in the Time of Corona

  1. It’s spring! I see the bees are out!


  2. Always enjoy your words! Keep ’em coming!



  3. All is well in Pondlandia; we are busy working on a straw bale garden among other things we’ve dreamed up. We at MS State are devastated to lose Shaefer but know he’s meant to return home and do a great job for y’all. Whoever comes after him has a gold mine ready for her/him. We pray they are prudent in their search for Vic’s successor. Stay well my friend


    • Vic’s taking the job at Texas surprised us all. I do hope he does well. Texas has a reputation of bringing in great coaches, but then stifling them or not developing the talent. Look at football program; Karen Aston is a good coach. I hope she lands some place good. Stay well.


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