Monday, April 8, 2019 – The End of Basketball Season

Monday, April 8, 2019 – The End of Basketball Season

The end of NCAA basketball season only means that NCAA football season is one day closer. Meanwhile, until then we have baseball, softball, axe tossing, badminton, golf and corn hole championships to look forward to. Yawn!

Here’s to the Baylor Lady Bears as they bring home their third NCAA National Basketball Championship. Thank you, Kim, team, and nephew Blaine for a great season. Let’s send thoughts and prayers to Lauren Cox who went down with a knee injury as she prepares for the next phase of knee joints and ligaments. I am sure the rehab will not be as bad looking at that national championship bling.

Who would have guessed the possibility of two national championships from the Big 12 Conference? In basketball! And from Texas and not Kansas!

It is customary for schools in an effort of sportsmanship to drop their prejudices and root for a home team during a national championship game. I must tell you, it is difficult for me to yell for Texas Tech. But since the head coach for Tech graduated from J. L. McCullough High School in The Woodlands, Texas, I will make a supreme exception. Chris Beard was only in the first grade when I taught at McCullough High School, but every teacher in TW is claiming him. As teachers, we love to see students succeed and in front of a national audience is even better.

So for approximately two and one half hours only, here’s to you Texas Tech. BTHO Virginia! Perhaps I shall throw tortillas toward to the television.

2 responses to “Monday, April 8, 2019 – The End of Basketball Season

  1. Kathy Tedder

    Delia, many, many of us have Tech connections. Go Tech! Hope my granddaughter goes there and pledges AXO!! Wreck’em! Guns up! Spanish guy cowboy …run up and down the field! It is all good!


    • It is all good. It will be great for the program and the Big 12 Conference. I got Tech family too. “Spanish guy cowboy?” ROFL


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