Wednesday, January 16, 2019 – Winter is Coming

Wednesday, January 16, 2019 – Winter is Coming

Winter is coming! Do you ever wonder if Game of Thrones is actually in the future and not a fantasy of the past? I keep my crown ready just in case it is prophetic instead of dystopian past.

But winter is coming to Texas so they say. On Friday the high temperature in the Brazos Valley is expected to be around 72 and sunny with thunderstorms in the evening. Saturday night the low temperature is projected to be in the upper 20’s with a high in the 50’s on Sunday morning.

As usual I am prepared with the four basic food groups needed for hunkering down. Sweet, salty, alcohol and chocolate. Miss Peach has input and output necessities and is ready to sit on the heated throw in my lap.

But hey! It’s Texas. The following week’s temperature will rise and hover in the sixties and seventies. But alas, February will soon arrive and that means trail rides and rodeos. This always means rain and cold. Real cowboys don’t sleep in motor homes. Just saying.

Everybody stay warm and cover your petunias.

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