Tuesday, December 11, 2018 – Two Weeks from Today

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 – Two Weeks from Today

Christmas Day is two weeks away from today. You have two weeks to get in the Christmas spirit. There was a question asked on Twitter this morning. How do you honor the memory of a deceased loved during the holiday season? Here are some of my favorite responses. What do you do to remember your loved ones who are at THE Big Birthday party in Heaven?

  • We have an extra place setting at the table with an empty chair and a flower.
  • We cook their favorite foods following their favorite recipes.
  • We decorate the tree with her/his ornaments.
  • We lost a son at six months of age fourteen years ago. Since his death we adopt a family that has a son who would be the same age as ours.
  • We decorate with our dad’s trains and have the Christmas tree in his train room.
  • Our son was killed in Afghanistan. We donate to Wounded Warriors.
  • We play their favorite songs.
  • I read A Visit from St. Nicholas (The Night Before Christmas) to the family, just like Daddy used to.
  • Donate to a local charity.
  • We go to the cemetery and have a toast of Jameson to our father.
  • We tell some of our relatives’ favorite jokes.
  • We put a photo in chair, light a candle on the table and tell a favorite story.
  • We put poinsettias on the graves and say a prayer.
  • Our church holds a mass for them.
  • We go to candlelight services at church on Christmas Eve.
  • We donate to the food bank in our community.
  • Cry a little bit but carry on with memories.
  • Celebrate for them.

    Dale, I never took down your Christmas tree from last year because you still light up our family. And Peach and Meela have not yet torn it down so that’s a plus.

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