Wednesday, November 14, 2018 – Cold, Cats and a Glaring. Cluster Clutter

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 – Cold, Cats and a Glaring. Cluster Clutter

It is just my luck. The temperature last night was a petunia-freezing 27 degrees in BCS, Texas. That means I am going to need to find something other than pole dancing to make extra money. It’s too cold to dance around a pole with limited fabric on your body.

I sent out a resume for a job as a shepherd but retracted it when I found out it was an outdoor position. I have not heard back because I don’t get out much, but I think I am still being considered for a hermit position.

I was thinking of applying for this job I saw today on a travel site. You get to live on a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea and take care of 55+ cats. I like the living on the island part with a clowder of cats. The fact that cats tend to be nocturnal so sleep is limited is a deal breaker. I also did not apply because over 40,000 others did apply.

Did you know that a group of cats may also be called a glaring, a cluster or a clutter? Those three adjectives seem to describe a group of felines more accurately that a clowder. Especially 55+ furry felines wanting food and affection. Nevertheless, the island part sounded good.

Look! Here is a job I can apply for – Professional Porch Sitter and Cocktail/wine Sipper – also known as Professional Chair Occupier and Cocktail/wine Sipper. Multiple positions available! Who’s with me?


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