Thursday, February 08, 2018 – Three Wishes and Social Psychology 101

Thursday, February 08, 2018 – Three Wishes and Social Psychology 101

I was asked the other day if a genie appeared and granted me three wishes, what would I wish for.

This type of question is usually reserved for late nights sitting around with friends and all are filled with liquid grape philosophy. This type question should not be asked when you are trying to do your last set of inch worms on the gym floor while your trainer just stands around watching you. At that moment your only wish is not to die or the floor of Gold’s gym.

After a few chardonnay grapes last night I realized my three wishes would be based on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper “A Theory of Human Motivation” in Psychological Review.

Maslow proposed five levels in a pyramid graphic.

A better representation of the five levels is the dynamic showing the interaction of the levels and the ebb and flow of the elements.

My three wishes would be to have the first three levels and all of the items in the level. The fourth level of Esteem and the Fifth Level of Self Actualization, I can obtain if I have the first three.

  1. Biological and physiological – air, food, drink, shelter, warmth, sex and sleep.
  2. Safety – protection from elements, security, order, law, stability, freedom from fear.
  3. Love and belongingness – friendship, intimacy, trust and acceptance, receiving and giving affection and love. Affiliating and being part of a group, (family, friends, and work.)

I love smart people who make me think – even when they are making me do inch worms.

By Philipp Guttmann – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


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