Friday, January 13, 201 7 – Birthday Math – How to Compute Your Age on Your Birthday.

Friday, January 13, 201 7 – Birthday Math – How to Compute Your Age on Your Birthday.

Good Morning, Boys and Girls,

Today’s objective is how to compute your age using John Wax Math. Don’t forget to show your work.

Step one – write down the year you were born

Step two – subtract the current year

Step three – add the date of your birth

Step four – multiply by the square root of pi r squared

Step five – divide by pi r not square, pi r round

Step six – multiple by cosine divided by theta over minus 12

Step seven – add the length of the hypotenuse of a right triangle – Hint: Use the Pythagoras Theory of A squared + B squared = C squared

Step eight – If you were born on the 13th of the month, add 13. If you were not born on the 13th add whatever number you think of first.

Step nine – add some symbols that look like this { } or [ ] or ( )

Step ten – multiply the entire mess by the number of letters you remember in a quadratic equation. Use zero if you do not even remember the term quadratic equation.

Everybody get 40 years of age? That’s how one does Birthday Math!

Class dismissed.


Thank you, Mick! 1.13.2017 – Gold’s Gym Bryan, Texas

It’s just one more candle and a trip around the sun!

Meet me in Margaritaville!


Hell yeah, they are real! Wouldn’t you show them off if you had biceps like that? Thank you Micky and Krystal!

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