Monday, March 28, 2016 – A Queenly Weekend


Monday, March 28, 2016 – A Queenly Weekend

This is for you – Elf in the Kitchen- wish you could have joined us.

Every woman knows there is nothing like a crown on her head. And if there is a a convertible and parade it is even better. No convertible or parade this week end, but a fabulous Sweet Potato Musical and lots of tiaras and crowns.

Here are the photos from the Queenly Weekend where we saw the fabulous Sweet Potato Queen Musical at TUTS Underground in Houston. Thank you for premiering in Houston. Thank you to the SPQs who gave us a free parking at the Hobby Center.

Friday night – Sunset from the bar in the Hilton in downtown Houston – a bit of preparation for the next day.

Drinks @ Hilton (800x450)

Saturday morning and Brunch at Brennen’s

Brennens (800x767)

Always start the day with a glass of juice. My favorite is tomato juice.

Bloody mary (800x450)

Eggs Benedict (800x450)

Eggs Benedict and then of course Bananas Foster

Bananas Foster (800x450)

And then to the theatre…

Look who was out front

Her Royal Highness Herself

Jill Connor Browne

Such an awesome woman!!! Well, I mean she is THE SPQ!

Me and Jill Connor Browne 3.26.16 (800x800)

Three on Throne (600x800)

We three Queens of sororities are…

Me on throne (600x800)

The Sweet Potato Queen of the Brazos Valley upon learning both Syracuse basketball teams won.

Tonight we see who joins Syracuse and Washington (really???) for the Women’s Final Four. The good news THE University of Texas women made to the Elite Eight for the first time in decades. The bad news they play Geno and the Giants of UConn. Please let Stewie sprain her ankle as she exits the bus.

Then it is the Beavers and the Bears. Sic ‘Em, Lady Bears. Or the Queen of the Brazos Sweet Potato Queen will not be happy! It is not nice to make the Queen unhappy!

2 responses to “Monday, March 28, 2016 – A Queenly Weekend

  1. The Elf thanks you!! Wish we could have been there!! Speaking of being there…will we see you this weekend at Zippity?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I so wish, but no. But we did make plans for next year. FYI – That inflatable crown was a hit – everybody was stopping to ask I got it. – 4.95 @ The Container Store.


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