Thursday, September 3, 2015 – Here We Go – KICKOFF Time

Thursday, September 3, 2015 – Here We Go – KICKOFF Time

How to Watch Football – from 1952

Football 1952

Anybody remember the “Game of the Week?” Yes, boys and girls, once upon a time there was only one football per week on TV. Of course, in 1952 there were not that many televisions in the American household to watch it. There were 17 television stations in the United States that carried the game of the week. In Houston it was KPRC – Channel 2. That was the only station in Texas that carried the Game of the Week. The games seen were from the Big Ten or the Big Seven conference.

The schedules of the colleges and universities are listed in the back. Here are a few names from 1952.

Oklahoma A&M College in Stillwater – once they were the Aggies.

Texas A&M College in College Station – still the Aggies

Ursinus College in Pennsylvania – wonder if the mascot is the Sniffles

Valparaiso University in Indiana – see you around in March for Madness

So as we begin the college football season here is the How to Watch the Kick Off. In spite of the fact my friend Karen M was not able to understand, I hope you enjoy. I will give Miss M another chance. We were deep into the second bottle of wine when I tried to explain the kick off to her.

Kick Off 2 (556x800)Kick Off 1 (583x800)

Tonight the televisions will be turned to:

Oklahoma State University @ Central Michigan – ESPNU @ & 7:00 – GO POKES!

TCU @ Minnesota – ESPN @ 9:00 – GOPHERS LIKE TO EAT FROGS!

Southeastern Louisiana @ Northwestern State University – GO DEMONS! And Go Cousin Darryl!

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    Ursinus & Snifles??? BRILLIANT!!!

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