Friday, August 28, 2015 – Snarky Friday – Friday Night Lights and BVCHEA Mustangs Update

Friday, August 28, 2015 – Snarky Friday – Friday Night Lights and BVCHEA Mustangs Update

For many high schools tonight is THE night. The Friday night lights hit the fields for the first football game of 2015. Let the pompoms shake, strike up the bands and high step the drill teams on to the field.

Go Mustangs!

“Give me a B. Give me a V. Give me a C. Give me an H.”… and so on and so forth.

Charlie (800x598)

I know it is not a Mustang, but a “horse is horse. Of course. Of course and no one can talk to a horse of course…” This is Charlie who belongs to one of my AXO sorority sisters.

I am pleased to update the Brazos Valley Christian Home School Education Association Homeschool High School. It appears a team for homecoming has been scheduled. The Mustangs will play the Conroe Lifestyle.

Even though I claim roots in Conroe and Montgomery County, I am not familiar with this organization. I am not sure if by Conroe Lifestyle it is a home school or something happening at Johnny B. Dalton’s. Nevertheless, there is a homecoming opponent.

In yesterday’s Bryan Eagle all of the football teams in the Brazos Valley were highlighted. Here’s a quote by the second year BVCHEA coach:

“We’re a young team, “BVCHEA coach Skipper Harris said. “We have three seniors and everybody else are juniors and sophomores. We’re going to have 19 players this year. This is the biggest turnout we’ve ever had.”

Just a thought, Coach Skipper. You might want to consider taking that administrative class about Community and Public Relations. That reporter will quote you exactly as you said it.

The article continues that the 19 players could correct a problem the plagued the homeschool organization’s team last year, when teams with more players had an advantage late in games. Yes, but it is still six-man football.

The BVCHEA were 4-7 in 2014 but went to the playoffs winning in bi-district and then losing to Allen Academy in the semi-finals. That sentence is not a typo. I guess 4-7 in a Homeschool league is good enough for the playoffs.

It appears that homeschool athletics are governed by the Texas Christian Athletic League (TCAL) I am not familiar with this organization. It appears the TCAL governs four divisions across the state with various home schools assigned to four regions. I would provide the website, but aside from the already given information, there is no additional content and most of the links are not operating.

I have no further comment about homeschooling. Yes, I do. Here’s what I’m thinking. There are several governance issues at play here. (Sorry for the pun.) It appears to me homeschoolers are creating some of the very organizational issues and constructs that they disagreed with in the public school system.

Oh well. Go Mustangs!

4 responses to “Friday, August 28, 2015 – Snarky Friday – Friday Night Lights and BVCHEA Mustangs Update

  1. I agree. Great “Here’s What I’m Thinking”!

    Your article/story does bring to mind that some years ago while in Colorado, I created an on-line football team for the community college. We were known as the fighting Aardvarks (There’s a story behind the naming of the mascot). Since we were on-line, our schedule offered unlimited possibilities regarding where our opponents were located–Paris (not Texas) known as “the Truffles”, Moscow “the Tsars”, London “the Monarchs” , Tokyo and so forth. Overnight our college team–“The Aardvarks”–was part of an international football conference/league/commission. No more small town–Austin, Bryan/College State, Norman, Baton Rouge–football for us. Further, since the games were to be played on-line and the opponents left to my/our discretion so was the outcome. Despite these minor limitations, it was exciting to report our overwhelming victories over international rivals.

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  2. Too funny.



    Damn if history doesn’t repeat itself!

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  4. You might want to touch base with your sorority sister regarding Charlie. You might have some thoughts.


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