Saturday, August 22, 2015 – Vacation Bible School, The Magnolia Methodist Church and Singing

Saturday, August 22, 2015 – Vacation Bible School, The Magnolia Methodist Church and Singing

It’s a Saturday morning and I feel like writing something.

The biggest thing that would happen in the summers in Magnolia at the Methodist Church was when the Morgenroth brothers, Marvin, Cecil and Russell, visited their grandmother, Nina and all of their cousins in downtown Pinehurst. We would all attend Vacation Bible School at The Magnolia Methodist Church in downtown Magnolia.

Me & Cecil (656x672)

Delia Duffey & Cecil Morgenroth – 14 years old ??

We would be in the oldest group or “tweens” as they are called today – somewhere between 10- 14 year old. There were usually about 10 – 12 of us – more if the Bodkins were there. Their attendance was usually dependent on if our VCB conflicted with another that had better snacks.

The tweens would be the last to descend the stairs, past Doy and Joyce serving snacks, and turning right into the sanctuary to practice for the end of VBC program. This was my favorite part of VBC because it meant it was almost over. You know VBC was not my thing.

I vividly recall the first summer the Morgenroth brothers attended VBC and the tweens were to practice their song. I remember coming down the stairs from Sunday School rooms, turning right and through the door into the sanctuary. We would be aligned standing in two rows, one in front of the other on the two steps between the two pulpits. I feel certain Grace Moore was playing the piano and I cannot remember the song. All I remember was “Those Morgenroth brothers could sing!” I had never heard guys my age sing like that. I have vivid memories of jerking my head and thinking “Who is that singing?” Suddenly we were all trying to sing like them. Loud and joyous. And mostly on key like they were.

Suddenly there were two things I liked about VBC – it was almost over and hearing the Morgenroth brothers make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

Rickett Reunion 2009 017 (800x600) - Copy

Delia & Cecil @ Rickettt Reunion – 2009

They were better than the windmill cookies and red punch from Groves & Son. Still are today. Happy Saturday.


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