Tuesday, August 18, 2015 – One More Honeyboy Photo

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 – One More Honeyboy Photo

A sincere thank you to all of you for the LIKES and beautiful comments about Honeyboy. If you knew him, he soon became your Honeyboy too.

When looking for photos of him I found this one.

Bucket (529x800)

When I first saw it I thought – Did he shoot a bear? In Louisiana? Upon closer investigation I saw that it is someone’s finger across the lens. Therefore, Mama took the photograph. We all know photography was not one of her greatest skills.

That is also why I know that either Cousin Joe or I took that photograph of him sitting on the rock in Colorado. Photography was not one of Aunt Claudie’s skills either. And we all knew that Uncle Ralph always had difficulty focusing – whether it was the camera or the world.

But back to the photograph. I believe that you is, my dear sister, sitting in Honeyboy’s lap and appearing to be drinking something from a bucket that would classified as an environmental hazard even back then.

Please let this be one of the cousins whose descendants still live in Louisiana – up around Alexandria. That would explain a lot of things about the shallowing of that end of the gene pool.

And the background appears to be – well, at least it doesn’t look swampy.

3 responses to “Tuesday, August 18, 2015 – One More Honeyboy Photo

  1. Tell me how the name Honeyboy came about.

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  2. Dale called him Honeyboy – never Daddy, Dad, Pappa, etc. We have always guessed it came from Mama calling him “Honey” all the time. But when Dale was 5 years old, she was the only child on their street who was not old enough to start school. She begged Mama and Honeyboy to let her go to school, so she attended the Catholic school in Natchitoches, Louisiana. When the students were learning about parents, Dale announced to the nuns that “she did not have a father or a daddy. She only had a Honeyboy.”
    I believe there was a home visit that afternoon from Mother Superior for further classification.
    But the name Honeyboy stuck and the rest is history.


  3. Well, since I’m 78 1/2 years old…..whatever was in the bucket did not kill me

    Pat and I were in San Francisco in a redwood forest R.V. park. Honeyboy said he had been in the lumber business all his life and had heard about those “big ”ol trees” out west but guess he would never see one in person. He was in his 80’s and still in pretty good health. Kids put him on a plane in Houston; told the flight attendants to take care of “Honeyboy”. When he arrived in SF, he had a name tag on that read “Honeyboy”.. I thought he was going to get a crick in his neck from looking up at the redwood trees. Took him all over that area. He rode on a street car; saw Altratraz; ate candy at Geradelle (sp) Square; went to a San Francisco Giant vs Los Angeles Dodger baseball game (which he proudly wore his Astro cap). Put him on a plane a couple of weeks later….told the flight attendants to take care of “Honeyboy”. They put his “Honeyboy name tag” on him.

    He talked about that trip the rest of his life.

    No other like our Honeyboy.

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