Friday, August 14, 2015 – Snarky Friday – Stevie P. – The AD, from The University of T.

Friday, August 14, 2015 – Snarky Friday – Stevie P. The AD, from The University of T.

How is that cost cutting measure to save $300,000 by limiting the coaching staffs from dining with their players going? I recently posted some additional costs savings suggestions for you like camping out in the Cotton Bowl and eating a fried stick of butter at the State Fair for The Red River Rivalry game and hitchhiking to Waco for the Baylor game. Guess you haven’t seen them yet. But here is a suggestion with an action plan to help out.

I picked up this flyer the other day on campus over here at The Harvard on The Brazos. I noticed that for $30 dollars one can take a tour of the newly renovated Kyle Field AND then have lunch in the Nutrition Center with the athletes.

Kyele Field Flyer

Granted one is not allowed to interact with coaches or athletes, but hey – we’re the general public – not their coaching staffs.

Also, granted is that I can only do John Wax math, which turned out quite fortuitous for me later in life. My high school math homework was always “close to a right answer.” This would prove to be all I needed when doing “close enough for government” math.

But Stevie P., I think it might look something like this:

If two trains leave the station traveling @ … sorry. That problem is from the Fifth Grade math assessment. Here we are. (And math people please step forward):

If X = number of people on ONE stadium tour @$30 per person, on ONE day, how much money would that be?

(X) x ($30) = Y

Let’s pretend X = 12. So one tour would yield $360. Right?

Now, manipulate your variables. I know. It sounds nasty, but it’s not.

So if one tour/day with 12 people for ONE day = $360 then

ONE tour of 12 people for FIVE days that would be $1800.

Two tours per day of five people at five days would be $3600.

And so on and so forth. For goodness sakes, Stevie P. I can figure this one out and I’m a freaking liberals arts brain! It would not take long to regroup the cost savings. Do the math.

Solution – Offer tours of the stadium. Offer lunch and a picture made with Bevo. I know. It is not that simple. But come on. Hook ‘Em Hippies. And Stay Strong, Charlie.

UT OSU Nov 16.2013 2013-11-16 026 (800x600)


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