Throw Back Thursday, August 6, 2015 – Wonderful Great Grandmothers

Throw Back Thursday, August 6, 2015 – Wonderful Great Grandmothers

I was so blessed to have a wonderful mother and a wonderful God Mother. Each of them now has wonderful great grandchildren who carry on their love and craziness in many ways.

Everyone should have a photo of their great grandmother. So to the Buckalews and the Groves families, this one is for you – shared with great love and wonderful memories of all three of these beautiful ladies.

The beautiful little doll that are admiring so much is ME!

These two would stay up all night and play canasta.

Mama, Ophie, me (713x706)

Ophie Lewis and Mama (aka Nanny)

Mama & Sarah (800x588)

My Mama and my Godmother – Doy Duffey and Sarah Groves

One of the first things I want to do if I get to Heaven is have coffee and smoke cigarettes with these two. Lucky Strikes and Pall Malls if I recall.

Sarah (681x684)

When HB and Cecil served on the Magnolia school board, Sarah would come to our house (next door to the school), yes, in her bathrobe . Me, Mama and Sarah would play Chinese checkers until they made me go to bed.  Chinese checkers is still my favorite game because of such wonderful memories. BTW – Sarah was very good at this game.

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    So sweet!

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  3. Cecil Groves

    Love the pictures and the wonderful memories. They knew how to have fun. And, I do remember their playing all the different games, especially canasta, while drinking coffee and having a good smoke. I’ll have to send you some of my pictures for your files.

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