Tuesday, August 4, 2015 – I am Ready for My Close-up or News in Brazos Valley

Tuesday, August 4, 2015 – I am Ready for My Close-up or News in Brazos Valley

Today I am going to the Texas A&M Golf course. KBTX, the TV station here, is doing a story on the newly formed, College Station, Executive Women’s Golf Association (EWGA). Golfers for background footage (B roll, as it is called) are needed.

SEC Kickoff 8.14.2014 2014-08-14 032

In the 15 months I have lived here, my photograph was on the front page of the Sports section of The Bryan Eagle. I was sitting behind the women’s basketball team during the NCAA selection show.

I have been on TV twice. Once at last year’s SEC kick off party (see above pic) and once at a Gary Blair luncheon. I was not photobombing; I was going through the buffet and somebody was being interviewed in front of the line.

My picture has been on KBTX’s Twitter feed at the Bryan Farmer’s Market.

So one can deduce there is not much news that goes on in the Brazos-Valley. A nightly newscast might look like this:

Lead Story – The Aggies win.

Next Story – The price of cows is up.

Next Story – Reveille takes a walk around campus.

Next Story – The United States has been invaded by aliens from outer space.

Happy Tuesday.

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