Wednesday, JUNE 10, 2015 – I Have Unlocked the Key to Facebook

Wednesday, JUNE 10, 2015 – I Have Unlocked the Key to Facebook

I have unlocked the key to Facebook. Vanity.  People want to see themselves.

This fits right into my business plan. As you recall, my business plan is – If I know you now, have known you in the past or will know you in the future, I WILL write something about you, somehow, some way.  Are you willing to take the chance and not read what I write? LOL

Add photographs to that and I got friends in low places – Thank you, Garth Brooks. If I post a picture on Facebook, Friends start commenting before I can finish the album.  I like that. Thank you.

And ya’ll know that my daddy, dear Honeyboy, took pictures and shot video of every event he attended. I have super 8 video of the Easter egg hunt in the front yard of the Magnolia house when I was in the first grade. So if you were in the first grade with me at Magnolia Elementary, I got you crossing the style from the school yard to my yard with your Easter basket.

And I got pictures too! And I got unopened boxes of pictures still to go through.

While you are reading this and debating whether to Unfriend me while it is still safe, I am playing golf.

2 responses to “Wednesday, JUNE 10, 2015 – I Have Unlocked the Key to Facebook

  1. Dear Honeyboy…..and his picture taking. How about Dale (Madam Rose’s favorite sister) sitting on the commode or right after she comes out of the operating room after surgery. How about the one he took of Cousin Pete to send to his girlfriend. This was back in the day when you bought film and it was expensive. and you had to send the film off to be developed., Every picture that Honeyboy took of Pete had a slop jjar in the background. For you young folks, google slop jar… To give you a hint…our grandfather, Papa Ned Duffey, kept one beside his bed during the night whereas he would not have to go to the privy/toilet outside….before indoor plumbing.


  2. Heck. you can write about me anytime you want. The Elf in the Kitchen would be very happy!


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