Wednesday, April 22, 2015 – Shooting Star Ranch & Retreat

Wednesday, April 22, 2015 – Shooting Star Ranch & Retreat

Just when you think the world has become a mass of concrete, construction zones and orange plastic cones, you find a place like The Shooting Star Ranch and Retreat. It is in North Ellis County, 25 miles from Dallas.   As soon as one turns into the drive way, the “peaceful, easy feeling” (The Eagles) swallows you like a glove and all anxieties fly away.  One knows immediately that this place is special.  The energy levels are very high and very positive.

It was a perfect place to get away with sorority sisters.  Since we all graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University, I would say or (rather sing) “…Neath Texas pines, we have found peaceful shrines, where every month is May,” but there was so much more than Texas pines at The Shooting Star. Is that still the school song?

The proprietor of this tranquil place is my lovely and talented sorority sister, Debbye Wallace – formerly known “on the wing” as Scott.  For some odd reason several of us were called by our last name – like Kittrell or Duffey or Knotts or Freburg.  I am giving Debbye free advertising in hopes of coming back soon and because Shooting Star would be a great writers and nature photographers retreat.  Hint. Hint.

Shooting Star  (800x524) Log House

Bear Creek (800x448) Bear Creek

And my favorite of this trip

Charlie (800x598)

Charlie Horse. “I’m getting my picture made.” I really do think he is smiling for the camera, don’t you?

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