Thursday, April 16, 2015 – RFP Awarded

Thursday, April 16, 2015 – RFP Awarded

I am pleased to announce the award for Request for Proposal to remove the penis shaped stain in my driveway.

If you refer to the March 20th post, you will read I was requesting proposals for the removal or modification of the penis shaped stain in my driveway caused by my friend’s truck oil leak.

I am pleased to announce that I awarded the grant to my neighbor across the street. I found out she is a yellow-dog Democrat. I decided no award process was needed and just awarded her the grant. It worked for Captain Hairspray and the state health department for decades.

Her answer was to cover the stain with sand to soak up the oil. Then the stain would be washed away with the sand upon the next rainfall.

Her suggested budget had to undergo modification.  She suggested I go around the neighborhood and surrounding construction sites and steal buckets of sand. Since a 40# bag of sand was well within the $10.00 allocated budget, I bought a bag of sand.

Unfortunately no proposal with someone to actually do the work was submitted.   So at this moment the drive-way just likes there a giant penis shaped stain covered with sand.   

3 responses to “Thursday, April 16, 2015 – RFP Awarded

  1. Can the military step in and assist?

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  2. Only if the military is in step when they step in.


  3. I’ve heard that cat litter is good for stains. Have any left over from Buddy’s days?


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