Thursday, April 2, 2015 – The 2015 Zippity Do Dah Parade

Thursday, April 2, 2015 – The 2015 Zippity Do Dah Parade

I love a parade! Here are a few photos from the 2015 Sweet Potato Queens Zippity Do Dah Parade.

Leslie Gore Tex (Rodeo Queen) and a real Queen headed toward the bus to the parade.SWEET POTATO QUEENS 2015-03-28 016 (800x600)

SWEET POTATO QUEENS 2015-03-28 027The Parade Route – The movie The Help was shot in Jackson.  This street is a major part of the movie.  You is kind. You is smart and you is important. And you is a Queen!

SPQ Float (800x600)

The Official Sweet Potato Queen Float.

SPQ Ohio (800x600)These lovely queens were from Ohio.

SWEET POTATO QUEENS 2015-03-28 026 (800x600)

Check out the majorette boots!

Clydes Dales (800x458)Clydesdales Wagon (800x598)

The fabulous Clydesdales

The Sonic Boom of the South -The Jackson State University Marching Band. Note the banner is carried by Spud Stud.Jackson State Band (800x600)

 Jackson State Jump (800x600)Jackson State Band1 (800x600)

SWEET POTATO QUEENS 2015-03-28 152 (800x600)The Peacock Queens from Natchitoches, Louisiana.  I did not check to see if we were related, but I am sure we are.  Everybody is related to everybody in Louisiana.

SWEET POTATO QUEENS 2015-03-28 128 - Copy

The Butterfly Queens. Great capes!

And Last… Actually this was one of the first pics of the parade, but I saved it for last. Check out the hunk on the right.  I asked him to marry me and he said “Maybe” and threw me some engagement beads.  When I find him again, I will bring him home to look at and KMY and KQ and anybody else can fight over him.

SWEET POTATO QUEENS 2015-03-28 044 (800x600)

That’s about it for the SQP weekend except for my hat from the Big A** Hat Luncheon.  It now becomes my Easter bonnet so you will hear more about it later.

2 responses to “Thursday, April 2, 2015 – The 2015 Zippity Do Dah Parade

  1. Hey–it’s fun to relieve the festivities through your pictures!!


  2. He is a definite HUNK!!!

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