Monday, March 30, 2015 – The Sweet Potato Queen Bathrobe Brunch

Monday, March 30, 2015 – The Sweet Potato Queen Bathrobe Brunch

Before we continue with our Sweet Potato Queen (SPQ) trip, please join me as my friend, RL and I share a brief moment of thought regarding the women’s NCAA Tournament – “Notre Dame Sucks.” And now back to the story of our SPQ weekend.

Yesterday was Palm Sunday and it was the Bathrobe Brunch. I think that was about the best Palm Sunday service I have been to in my entire 66 years.  Number one, you could wear your bathrobe and number two there was food that would bring the Methodists and Presbyterians to tears it was so good.  And number three, you could eat while the service was going on.

Bathobe Brunch

I had always believed that God has a sense of humor.  I mean, really. Look around your neighborhood.  Heck, look around your family. But now I know He does and He sent it down in the form of Jill Conner Browne (JCB) to share it with all of us.

But first there was music. I always liked the music part of the services. Lord, and I mean that literally, thank you for sending this man and his voice not only to us, but to the world.


When he opened his mouth and songs of praise flew out, that room filled with about a million angels and butterflies all flying around and into your heart. Can I have a Halleluiah! Amen and a Praise It Up!

Of course, it can’t be a churchy kind a thing unless there is an announcement or two. “The Sweet Potato Queen musical will premier in Houston, Texas next March at the Theatre under the Stars.  Dates have not been set. Melissa Etheridge wrote the music…” I quit listening after that because I was blocking out the entire month of March 2016 on my smart phone calendar app to save the date.


Then it was time for the sermon or the talking part.  This was great too because it was short. JCB talked about things like loving and sharing, and giving and helping and all those kind of things you should have learned at home when you were growing up.  If you didn’t, your Mama didn’t raise you right.  But you got a second chance to learn it from the Bible and believing and having faith.

Then she and Randall Wallace, (Zippity Do Dah Parade Marshall and author of Braveheart – yes, that would be the Academy Award winning one, with Mel Gibson) talked about being brave, having heart and treasuring freedom.

Wallace & Browne

It takes courage to make that triad in your life. By this time, everybody is crying with tears of joy, love and happiness. And most of all for the money raised for Baston Children’s Hospital in hopes of providing things sometimes as simple as a  van large enough to allow all of the permanent residents of the hospital to travel at the same time to a park to experience the freedom of being outside on a beautiful day. It is all for the chirren.

Then it was time for the benediction. Now this is where I know and believe that God has not only the greatest power, but also the greatest sense of humor. Remember, these are the Sweet Potato Queens and there are hundreds of us in the ballroom. Queens from all over the United States united in our Sweet Potato Queenships.

Then Jill Conner Browne says “Now let’s stand and sing Never Wear Panties to a Party if you want have real good time.*

I hope your firewalls, filters, virus protections and other cyber condoms are strong because that is gonna pick up a lot cyber crap.

*lyrics by Kacey Jones from the album Sweet Potato Queens’ Big-Ass Box of Music.


One response to “Monday, March 30, 2015 – The Sweet Potato Queen Bathrobe Brunch

  1. It was INDEED a fun service, breakfast and event!! Nice also to have met you!!


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