Monday, February 24 2015 – Formative Evaluation of FB

Monday, February 24 2015 – Formative Evaluation of FB

This Facebook thing is a sociologist and psychologist dream come true. There appears to be representation from every walk of life, every viewpoint and an endless supply of photos from your life or what you like in your life.  Assuming of course that white, overweight and old constitute the study criteria. Either people of color do not “do FB” or the people I have friended do not have friends of color.

I have now been on this social media vehicle about two weeks.  I said from the beginning, that I did not want “to Facebook.”  It has more to do with how the organization Facebook operates and takes advantage of its members than what is posted online. Just my luck I have a change of mind just as terrorists are using it and other social media as recruitment vehicles to join.  I only joined to see if I could attract more readers to Here’s What I’m Thinking.  Thank you to the new readers and especially those who comment.

But looking around on FB brings up many questions.  For example, did you mean to look like a serial killer in your profile?  Did you intentionally choose a bad photograph to use or was that the only one you figured out how to upload? And the foremost existentialistic question – why are we doing this? (Note: Doctorate degree in action in the last thought process.)

Once upon a time BFF Luddite and I decided to take advantage of the three free months online dating services.  We have some photo/profile rules left over from that misadventure and they seem to apply equally to FB. Please note in the previous sentence, I did not split my infinitive.  Thank you, Wanda Traugh, my high school English teacher.

But here are some of my online dating and now FB photo rules:

  1. If one is unable to determine your gender, you are not my friend. While I realize you are displaying your Harley Davidson motorcycle (as well you should, b/c I used to have one too,) may I suggest you wear something besides a leather motorcycle jumpsuit and pull UP the visor on your helmet?
  2. If there is a reptile of any type in the photograph, you are not my friend. Now dead deer photos are situational. Fish are usually good, but nothing from the reptilian genus. Other dead animals are usually not going to bring me as a friend, but we’ll see.
  3. If I am able to determine from your profile photo that you are not showing a full set of teeth, you are not a friend. I know that is snobbery on my part, but I have been in bars in Montgomery County where, besides mine, there was not a full set of teeth sitting among the ten people sitting there. So a full set of teeth is non-negotiable. Yes, fake teeth are acceptable, preferably not the kind you take out at night, though.
  4. If there is a golf scene, I can pretty much assure you of our friendship. To quote the great Harvey Pencik, “If you play golf, you are my friend.”
  5. If you mention in your profile you are “getting back on your meds soon” I am pretty sure friendship is not in our cyber future.

Those of you who have been kind enough to “Friend me” should not have high expectations of this.  I only plan to post DAILY, if you recall, Here’s What I’m Thinking.   After reading a couple of weeks of entries, I bet some of you are rethinking that Friend Request, huh? I bet you are wondering What IS she thinking? It’s so nice to have a brain. But I am going to continue to think and hopefully you will continue to read.

Stay warm.

One response to “Monday, February 24 2015 – Formative Evaluation of FB

  1. I am impressed that you understand how to properly use infinitives.


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