Wednesday, February 11, 2015 – Pete Fountain – Trivia Wednesday

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 – Pete Fountain – Trivia Wednesday

Our trivia question today is – Who is Pete Fountain?

Remember when I moved to Bryan/College Station (BCS) – aka Brazos Valley (BV) and I was dehoarding the house? Look back around last summer in the blog for details.  But I was getting rid of stuff.  But I am pretty sure all this family passed down, don’t throw me away, I could be valuable, ephemera somehow breeds and produces offspring ephemera because there just seems to be more.  For example, I found this photograph this morning in a box.  It is an autographed photo of Pete Fountain.  On the reverse – it says Jan – 1967 in a woman’s script.

Scan0001 (2) (498x800)

OK – I am going to take a WAG – Wild Ass Guess – and say this photograph is probably from CPD – Crap Passed Down and belonged to Aunt Myrnie. Or as we suspect, it could have belonged to her husband.  I am really not seeing either one of them tossing their under wear on stage in New Orleans, but hey it was NOLA.

I think it safe to say the photograph did not belong to me.  I am not seeing my mother allowing me to go to New Orleans for what would have been my eighteenth birthday.

But if anyone out there wants a signed picture of Pete Fountain, let me know.

Pete Fountain (born Pierre Dewey LaFontaine, Jr., July 3, 1930), is an American clarinetist based in New Orleans. He has played jazz, Dixieland and Creole music.

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