Friday, February 6, 2015 – Snarky Friday


Good Morning, Class,

Today we will explore our interdisciplinary thoughts by wasting instructional time and conducting our weekly practice for the assessment.   Our assessment today is based on the weekly question posed to the Texas and United States governments “What Have You Done for the Citizens of Texas this Week?”

Ready? Number two pencils up? Begin!

Question One – Ranking or Ordering

Rank the following in order with number one representing the MOST and number seven representing the LEAST embarrassing to Texas this week.

Molly White – Texas House of Representative who said the group organizing Muslim Day at the Capitol had terrorists’ ties.

Ted Cruz –U. S. Senator from Texas for his strategy of blocking a vote on President Barack Obama’s attorney general nominee until the White House relents on immigration. His own GOP colleagues voted against him.

Lance Armstrong – for side swiping a car while under the influence and then blaming it on his girlfriend.

Johnny Manziel – will he trademark Johnny Rehab?

The leader of Open Carry Tarrant County – for indirectly threatening death for those who did not approve a proposed measure allowing Texans to openly carry handguns in public.

The measles outbreak.

Rick Perry and his team of lawyers – still trying to get the charges dismissed.

Question Two – Writing Portion

Write a 250 word essay explaining why the Texas Land Commissioner is leading the education protesters.  For extra credit, write a protest song about it.  We all know that land commissioners in Texas grow more than agricultural crops on the land.  It grows Bushes too.

One response to “Friday, February 6, 2015 – Snarky Friday

  1. Delia, finally someone to replace Molly Ivins to get me out of the deep funk I tend to sink into when I think about all this. I have a new candidate for The Daily Show job.


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