Saturday morning, January 24, 2015

Saturday morning, January 24, 2015

I usually do not post anything on Saturdays, but since I am waiting for the weather to warm before I hit the golf course, I decided I would.

Did you read Bowrag’s blog about naming of children?  Made me almost spit out my coffee laughing.

When I was a child I walked around for several weeks saying “I’m Tallulah Bankhead.” It never caught on with my parents.

I once had a student named “Boy” and a female student named “Seven.” I did not inquire if there were siblings below named Eight or Nine. BFF in Navasota, TPM, once had a set of twins in her class – Dean and Sean (pronounced SEEN).

An old family story has some cousin’s family that either ran out of names because there were already so many children or in my family where the gene pool shallows significantly, they probably couldn’t think of a name. But as the story goes, the child, a girl, was called Baby until her twelfth birthday. As her birthday gift she was allowed to pick her name. She chose Mattie.

Back in the day when email communication first began among educational entities in the late 1990;s (now doesn’t that make you feel old?) it was the job of one of my colleagues to check submitted email addresses for accuracy and other reasons perhaps undetected by the requestor. For example, Carol Ann Jones requested her initials C A and her last name Jones. Thus it became Thus her email address translated into Spanish was testicles. And RL had to call her and explain. She was mortified, embarrassed and everything else, and immediately requested something else.

As in all social media the name says much about you. Employers tend to cringe when they see an email such as “pinkmini1” or “trainedmonkeybutler.”

I am certain Tula Does the Hula From Hawaii would make data entry clerks cringe with each key stroke.

2 responses to “Saturday morning, January 24, 2015

  1. What are paraents thinking! There was a couple whose last name was Coates. Named their daughter Petty. Another last name Zachery….son was named Zachery Zane Zachery. I knew these folks, A couple in Alaska named their two sons River and Kenai. A couple we know named their twins Sparky and Corky. Oh well, whatever floats your boat…..


  2. Crazy isn’t it!!


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