Thursday, January 22, 2015 – At The Pharmacy

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Is it raining where you are?  I am currently looking out my office window which overlooks Lake Back Yard.

The other day I went to the pharmacy to pick up my maintenece medications. FYI – When BFF Troglodyte told her 11 year old grandson they had to run by the drug store, he thought it was where people went to buy drugs like the ones purchased on the streets and in dark alleys.  Consider that a language update. Drug store vs pharmacy.

When I went to pay for my maintenance meds the clerk said “That will be $279.78.” I almost fell to my knees in a dead faint, but then I remembered I did not have my 2015 prescription drug card with me.  The following day I returned to the pharmacy with new card in hand.  After the clerk entered all of the new data that help increases my entry into The Matrix and lessens my privacy, the bill was $17.69. Once again I almost fell to my knees with a big prayer up with thankfulness for having benefits. And then I threw in another prayer that mine are paid for.  It makes me wonder what the have-nots do.

It was Sunday morning so most of Bryan was in church and most of College Station was hung over, so the store was not crowded. While I was in the pharmacy I remembered that I was going to try to pay a bit more attention to personal hygiene this year.  Actually what that means is putting on a bra more often and taking a shower more frequently. If I have to think “when was the last time I took a shower, I probably need one” I am thinking showering more should be done.

Finding a deodorant was pretty easy. I was surprised to find pretty much the same brands as years ago. But finding a can of hairspray proved more difficult. There was one called Bed Head or Party After.  I bet this puts many at ease after a walk of shame.  I usually just wear a baseball cap for bed head and have no use for a after party hair.

There were so many brands for different types of hair, different occasions, it was becoming an aerosol fog. When did hair spray cost $20.00? I finally settled on 1.5 oz can of something called Sharper Zero Gravity because it was in my price range.  The title makes wonder though. How can zero gravity be sharper? Isn’t zero an absolute? Oh well. All I wanted was a cheap can of hair spray. Whatever happened to Aqua Net? I miss Aqua Net. And I miss Ann Richards too.

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