Tuesday, January 20, 2015 – And So It Begins

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 – And So It Begins

And so it begins.

To the State Legislature:

What have you done for the citizens of Texas so far?

  1. Installed panic buttons in offices because of the crazy citizens of Texas. This is both sad and funny.
  2. Ensured the boys and girls of Texas can have cupcakes in their classrooms. I had no idea the cupcake lobby was that powerful?

What is on the To Do list for today?

Inaugurate a new governor. 

Comment: Listen to speeches and promises of a new Texas.

Go to a parade.    

Comment: Dear TEA Commissioner – how does one code a school absence for ADA when the Drill Team and the Drum Line are in the parade?

Go the lunch on the capitol grounds.

Comment: The caterer for the event is Eddie Deen. Two hundred staff members will serve up “four tons of brisket, 17,000 yeast rolls and a mile of sausages.”  I hope the staff members who are serving the food are legal.

Attend the Inaugural Ball.  

Comment: With sincere respect to the new governor.  I really hope he gets on the dance floor and spins, rolls and maybe even pops a wheelie.  This would make the ADA people happy. Note: this ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act – is not to be confused with the ADA above, which stands for Average Daily Attendance. Now you see why government is so confusing.

Note to non-cat lovers.  The Inaugural Ball is not the same as the Jellical Ball.  The Jellical Ball is described in Possum’s Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot. The Jellical Ball is where the old, tired cat is transported up as its nine-lives are over and a new cat takes its place.  Oh crap, it is like the Jellical Ball.

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