Thursday, October 9, 2014 – From The Bullwinkle Assessment Place

Thursday, October 9, 2014 – From The Bullwinkle Assessment Place

From The Bullwinkle Assessment Place

To the Parents of DRDRD

Re: How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay – See Thursday, October 2, for Response to Prompt

Your child scored a 3 on the recently administered Kindergarten writing assessment. S/he is in the 99 percentile as compared to the other five year old children who took the test, but did not know how to write yet. This assessment is proposed by Texas Goobernatorial Candidate Greg Abbott.  The previous assessment instruments used for kindergarteners, coloring between the lines, going to the bathroom at the right time and in the right place and learning to get along with others, will no longer be used.

The following is a breakdown of scores. Please see your local education institutions for assistance and keep your voter registration card current.

Children who score 3 should be placed in classes for exceptional learners. Hopefully your school has enough funds to provide an equal and adequate education for these students.

Children who score 2 – usually become A and B students and are generally forgotten about by the educational system.

Children who score 1 – should strive to become good at sports and can slide by. However, please note recesses and other playground activities no longer exist in most schools. The time is needed to study for assessments.

Score 0 – These students are at the “bottom of the heap” or in the lowest percentile. These students must learn to speak English and then will need to retake this assessment, thus using more of the citizens’ tax payers’ dollars.

Working with your child. In an effort to assist your child, we encourage you to read and do the following together.

The vocabulary word is “confluence.” It is means “come together,” and does not refer to The Beatles song of the same name from Abby Road.

An example of using confluence in a sentence is:

In Cooper Landing, Alaska, The Kenai River and The Russian River meet at what is called “The Confluence.”

In this photograph the person fishing is standing in the darker, Russian River, but you can see the glacier-fed, turquoise, Kenai River in the foreground.

The Confluence (800x600)

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