Monday, October 6, 2014 – Part Two – Monday College Football

Monday; October 6, 2014 Part Two – Monday College Football Report

Everybody win. Everybody Lose. Unless your team was Auburn, Baylor, TCU or Florida State, chances are your team lost. And Baylor, you should be thankful Texas could produce no offense. Down goes # 2 Oregon, # 3 Alabama, # 4 Oklahoma, # 6 A&M and # 7 UCLA.  It was upset season if your school’s name started with a vowel. Eleven of the top twenty-five teams were defeated. So my Monday awards go to the state where these institutions of higher education are located.

Alabama – 1 -1

Oklahoma – 1- 1

Arizona – 2-0 – Winner

California – 0 – 3

Utah – 2 – 0 – Winner

Mississippi – 2- 0 – Winner

Texas – 2 – 4

Kansas – 1- 1

To the Texas Aggies – Next time your wear those really cool looking uniforms called “ICE,” try not to get you ices whipped.

One special award – to the referee in the A&M/Miss State game who turned the wrong way to announce the first penalty and just barely got his mike turned off before he started cussing.

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