Thursday, October 3, 2014

Thursday, October 3, 2014

While we are waiting for “the film to return from processing,” let’s be like the Roman god Janus, who was able to look back and forward. No one born after 1980 remembers when pictures were taken with film, and then it had to be mailed away to someplace where it underwent a process called “being developed.”  Took about a week. So while the 1000+ digital photos are still on the camera cards waiting to be loaded to the computer, let’s talk college football and sing the Arizona fight song. Duck. Duck.  Lose! If you were able to stay up you know Number 2 Oregon was upset by unranked Arizona at home in Oregon. Therefore, I do not care what Oregon’s ugly uniforms look like. Last night’s uniforms of black with pink for breast cancer awareness were not too bad, but yellow hats with pink? And before I leave ugly uniforms, I must mention Texas Tech from last Thursday.  What the hell was that thing on your helmets? It looked like a finger painting. I was not fond of the Pistol Pete graphic on the Oklahoma State helmets, but at least one could determine what/who it is. And what is that Rorschach looking graphic on your left leg and right shoulder? Is this so the players will know how to put on their uniforms? And last, and most important –  I was able to see a recap of the A&M/Arkansas game. I knew the outcome and still almost had a heart attack.  It was a perfect example of “The Aggies never lose; time runs out.” That game is destined to become not only an Aggie classic, but a SEC classic. But the Stark reality is, those cow bells are ringing in Starkville. DO NOT MAKE ME HAVE TO SING 12TH MAN. (Yes, it is a tradition that when time runs out, we sing a song called 12th Man.) So looking forward to tomorrow, Janus, I see the game is at 11:00 AM.  What network idiot scheduled that time? The only thing that could worse is if Brent Mushberger calls the game. Nevertheless –

BTHO Mississippi State!!!

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