Thursday, September 25, 2014 – Part 2

Thursday, September 25, 2014

It is practice test Thursday. Please pay attention because this might be on the tests that show what STAARS will be in your future depending upon how well you score. Today, we will be working on higher order thinking skills and doing word problems.

Two trains, each going 55 mph leave New York and San Francisco… No wait. That is not it.

This is it. At departure time in Texas, on Friday, the temperature will be in the high 80’s or low 90’s. At arrival time in Anchorage, it will be around 28 degrees. How does one adequately prepare for arrival at midnight in Anchorage, Alaska? Remember school funding is based on “equal and adequate” instruction and facillities.  Other factors that may influence your calculations are: we only have to get from airport to hotel about a 7 minute car ride.  But be sure to factor in “getting to the gate” at Bush Airport – That means security checks. Therefore at some point off come belts, hats and shoes and anything else needed to show I am OK to get on the airplane. Do you see the conundrum? (The conundrum regarding temperature, not the conundrum that you do not know what conundrum means.) At one place I need to have on as few clothes as possible, but on the other end of the trip, I need to have on way more clothes.  Please describe how you would address this problem in 250 words or less. Be sure to diagram your thought processes.

Problem 2

Reverse the dilemma going from cold temperatures and returning back to Houston where it is warm.

While you are thinking (and diagramming) tonight Texas Tech travels to Stillwater to meet with real cowboys in a Big 12 match-up. Those from Oklahoma State University. I texted the family member who is an alum of OSU asking if she had frozen her tortillas yet in order to throw at the visiting opponent. This will make Tech feel at home.  Her reply – No, we have class. Go Pokes!

Time’s up. What is your response to our practice questions? That is correct; you only needed a few words. Use a backpack.

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