Monday, September, 22, 2014

Monday, September 22, 2014

Welcome to the Monday after Saturday Here’s What I’m Thinking College Football Awards for Week Four.

The most post scored award goes to Michigan State for scoring 73 points against East Michigan. However, Wisconsin scored 68 against Boling Green; Georgia righted itself with 66 against Troy and my beloved Aggies scored 58 against SMU High School.

Of course the best play of the day was made by the cadet who saved Reveille. It has made all of the national news feeds. Watch it on YOUTUBE in yesterday’s post. Way to go, DUDE. You are as famous on campus as Kenny Hill. If you think the Corps of Cadets would draw swords in remembrance of SMU running on to Kyle Field, get even near the First Lady and the entire Aggie nation will draw swords.

Since there are really only 10 schools in the Big 12 Conference, many did not play this week. Like Baylor, Texas, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.  There is really no math involved in that, just a number factoid. So awards from the Big 12 go to:

Yea! You Won One – Kansas

The What Opportunities – Kansas State vs Auburn

OU – Oh MY! The I-35 schools should pay attention Sooner rather than later.

The William Blake Tiger, Tiger Burning Not so Bright Award is a three way tie between Missouri, LSU and Clemson – all Tigers who were upset.

The Alma Mater of Bullwinkle the Moose – Whatsamatta U? Award goes to LSU because “Whatsamatta with YOU?”

The Oregon Ducks receive the Weekly Ugly Uniform Award as usual, but also win the Almost Got Leached Award by winning by only one touchdown against Washington State. Never thought I would be pulling for Mike Leach.

Florida wins the Tide Rolling over Willie and the Gator Boys Award. What is the temperature of the coaching seat, Coach Muschamp?

And the last awards are The Ron White Can’t Fix Stupid Award and the “S-U-S-P-E-N-D, Find out what it means to me; S-U-S-P-E-N-D; Take out the E-N-D.”  These two awards go to Jameis Winston for suiting up and practicing pre game warm ups when he was suspended for the entire game. His coach and Florida State University share in these awards because Jimbo had to tell Winston to get off the field and stay on the sidelines. Being suspended means you do not play.  In my opinion, he should never have been allowed at the game and should have spent the time doing community service in a church where he can learn some manners. And that “E-N-D” should be to his college career.  I hope you get a case of chronic jock itch, JW.

But alas, the four play is over and the season begins. No more cream puff schools. No more Division II Schools.  It is time for the big boys to play. Everybody loves bacon. Even vegetarians slip in a slice of bacon now and then. Let’s hope the Aggies bring home the bacon against Arkansas on Saturday.  But those cowbells in Starkville are looming on the horizon for a Clash of the maroons.  It is going to get interesting now. However, first – BTHO Arkansas.

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