Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday September 19, 2014

I guess it was the Queen staying in her castle in Scotland that did it.  The Scots voted no to independence from Great Britain. But on to the top story in the Brazos Valley – Reveille VII is retiring at the end of this year. Hopefully it is after the bowl games. I kid you not. It was the top news story yesterday. Not rain or floods or terrorists, but the First Lady of Aggieland. She even overshadowed Captain Hairspray and the others dedicating a new health building. Reveille will go the Old Animal Farm on the A&M campus. There are no health issues, but she is nine years old. Initially, the news said she was “just going to be a dog,” but Twitter sphere exploded with “Reveille will NEVER be ‘just a dog.’” She will remain at the farm until a family from Bryan or College Station adopts her. I will rent some children if I can adopt her. But there is a 12 (does A&M know any other number?) person committee who will conduct “a nation-wide search” for Reveille VIII.

It is another creampuff football weekend. Baylor and Texas have the week end off. Texas A&M plays SMU. I am certain a debate held between the two Bush Libraries will be more interesting than the game. I hope Clemson beats Florida State. We will see what vulgarities Jameis Winston has to scream while sitting out the first half of the game.  You can take the player out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the player. The best game will be Mississippi State and LSU, both Aggie opponents. So here’s to the weekend. Stay dry.

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