Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday, August 29, 2014

It is indeed a fine morning in Aggieland. Nothing could be finer. Now, I do not want to rub it in, but somebody got their Palmetto asses whipped last night – like the worst ass whipping at home in Spurrier’s career. Perhaps the Gamecocks should sit in bathtubs and hold hands with each other like in that commercial to help get it up. I have yet to figure out the marketing strategy behind the separate bathtubs as the harbinger of romance. I have also yet to figure out if it is my actual physical presence in Aggieland, or that I had my picture made with Yell Leaders, or the dead birds in my trash can, that resulted in the win, but what a shocker to all. Don’t under estimate the Aggies and don’t bet money on them either. Even though the Gamecock fans were heading for the EXITS at the 12 minute mark in the fourth quarter, most of us Aggies were waiting until the final whistle. We have seen the Aggies fall apart and lose large leads for years. But what a way to start the season!  The next two weeks bring more birds – a Cardinal and an Owl – but I doubt I will try the dead bird spell again. It stinks. Therefore, I am going to switch to a voodoo doll of Lushberger and hope he catches a severe case of laryngitis that takes him out for the rest of the SEC season.  He and Palmer finally quick talking about “What would Johnny Do?” and “When I was at Florida…” respectively, midway in the second quarter. Well, even if it is only for a week, it is good to be King of the Hill. And Brent, Johnny Jamboogie would do this, she Snickered. Enjoy Labor Day.


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