Wednesday August 27, 2014

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Happy Birthday, LBJ. Is former president Lyndon B. Johnson’s birthday still a state holiday? Here are a couple of history trivia questions to celebrate: what were the names of the two beagles that President Johnson was holding by their ears in a news photo? And what was Lady Bird’s real name? True native, born Texans know this.

While you are thinking, congratulations to the entire cast and crew of Breaking Bad who took home lots of Emmy Awards Monday night. What a great series. If you think it is just about a chemistry teacher with cancer who makes methamphetamines, you are incorrect. It is about so much more than that and the acting is superb. I promise you will never look at buildings, businesses and warehouses the same again. Aaron Paul, if you are reading this, please come to my house and sit on the sofa so I can just look at you. Too bad True Detective was in the same category. I do hope the series returns to cable on demand or Netflix. I watched half of the series, which is excellent and not just because of Woody Harrelson and Mr. Alright, Alright, Alright, Matthew, but I did not watch the ending date when the series would be removed and missed the last three episodes.

OK – everybody back to work to whatever you are doing. The beagles’ names were Him and Her and LBJ was photographed holding the dogs seeming by their ears. Animal activists protested. Hey, it was the 1960’s – people protested everything.The beautiful and gracious Lady Bird Johnson was born Claudia Taylor.

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  1. Oh. We state employees don’t make the state holidays, we just take them.


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