Monday August 4, 2014

August 4, 2014

Floating down a lazy river on a just right summer day is about as close to heaven as there is in the present. For a moment you are suspended in time as you are gently carried down the river. It is truly an experience everyone, and especially every Texan, should have before they die. I am glad I have been tubing many times and I look forward to many more. It is truly one of the great equalizers of society. Everyone looks the same with your butt in an inner tube and your legs hanging over the sides as though you are about to receive a pelvic examination. UGLY! Now this is before water ugly. The Griswalds put in at The Rocking River ready for a three hour float with the exit at the dock of the place where we were staying. It is very expensive to get in the water. Granted your wristband is good for all day getting in the water, but tube rentals are expensive especially when there are many people. But just standing in line to get a tube is ugly. We are talking like God has whipped up a big plague of super ugly and it has covered Gruene. I mean there are some bodies, mine included, are just not supposed to reveal that much skin to family, let alone people you do not know and especially those with a smart phone. But once in the water you are just a floater and nobody cares.Laid back in your tube and letting the water carry you downstream. I am happy to say the Griswalds all arrived home safely. I did not have to ride on the roof. Not this time. And it was truly one of those summer weekends to remember for years to come.

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