Wednesday, July 16, 2016

Wacky Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bet you can’t eat just one. Remember that tag line for Lay’s Potato Chips? I am thinking now it should be “Why would you want to each just one?” Did you see where Lay’s is testing two new flavors of potato chips? Cappuccino and Wasabi Vinegar. Really? Do you really want to eat Cappuccino chips with your bologna sandwich? Where was this test market? At a late night Asian fusion food court? And what were the participants smoking during the tests? What were Lay’s executives smoking when they thought – Hey let’s make some chips out of some really crazy flavors and see if the public will buy it. Why don’t you, as in the Lay’s Corporation, just go ahead and make a liver and onions flavor chip? Pack it full of iron and advertise it as medicinal for iron poor blood. Partner with Geritol and work the Medicare market place. Why don’t you make of beer flavored chip and then you can leave off the beer. I really do not see myself making a purchase of either flavor. I think Lay’s potato chips are the best in the world. If it is not broken, then don’t fix it. And do not serve Cappuccino and Wasabi chips at a party if I am attending. But perhaps you could send them on the space ship if Midland ever gets their FAA approval. Hey! What about prairie chicken flavor chips?

One response to “Wednesday, July 16, 2016

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