Monday – June 30, 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

It’s a scholarship pageant? Can’t you people in Florida count? This is not the first time your state miscounted. Due a scoring error that was later caught in the audit, the wrong person was crowned Miss Florida. So some brave soul had to go to her house and take away her sash, scepter, and HER CROWN. Oh yeah, also her scholarship money. If I had the job of taking those items, I would have taken a couple of martial arts experts, a college lineman and a blow torch. Because beauty queens will not give up their crowns for any reason, especially if they are not the one who caused the situation to begin with. She got to wear the crown, et al, for five days before the counting error was discovered. Then she had to give it up to the First Runner Up and she became FRU, which contain two of the four letters she is probably thinking. If I were her, I would demand a recount to see how many chads were hanging versus how many chads were punched. Worked before. And if that still does not work, send it to the Supreme Court. It seems the inability accurately keep score is pervasive. Miss Delaware had her crown yanked due to a miscalculation. She was over the age limit. The beauty queen organization is not going to achieve world peace if the judges cannot count. Perhaps a little more scholarship is needed for the judges.

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