June 25, 2014

June 25, 2014

Not counting the issue that hit newsstands last weekend, who was on the cover the last time the Baylor Bears were the solo featured cover school on Dave Campbell’s Texas Football magazine? Extra Credit if you know when? A side bar for the uninformed. Dave Campbell’s Texas Football (DCFT) magazine is the bible of Texas football. Wait bible and Texas football in the same sentence harbors on the redundant. I would rather read Texas Football than Cosmo or Vanity Fair. But I digress. That’s right, texas university, once again the cover is not THE University. Baylor, THEE University, is. Last year the cover was Johnny Athlete. Today, a short, skinny, white boy gets drafted by the Harlem Globetrotters? Now that is historic. Doesn’t that just chap your communications department, texas? Trying to figure how to spin the fact that you were not picked first, second or even third in the Big 12 Conference? Three schools north on Interstate 35 were picked ahead of you. I believe their names are in order of ranking: Oklahoma, where the wind comes whistling down the plains of Dallas, Oklahoma State, where those Cowboys know what to do with a steer, and Baylor, who can pray the hell out of you. One never knows what Texas Tech will bring. Football speaking. We all know they bring frozen tortillas, goal posts suitable for shoving into an opposing crowd and racial comments that would make Jim Crow blush. But you are Strong, tu, and I do hope you find a quarterback. Meanwhile, Baylor, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas A&M all miss you in the Top 25 Rankings. Grant Teaff. 1975.

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