June Twenty-tooth – Sunday

Sunday, June 22, 2014. Please accept my apologies for not posting an entry on the Summer Equinox yesterday. Would you believe I was at Stonehenge watching the sunrise? No? Watching the sun rise on a summer equinox at Stonehenge is on my bucket list.  However, it is very far down the list. It is somewhere just above Glamping in the deserts of Arizona, eating Indian food in New Delhi and hiking the mountains of Afghanistan. Perhaps I can make it to a sunrise in the Stonehenge in Kerrville. Did you know there is a miniature exact replica of the Stonehenge in England in Kerrville, Texas? In fact a well-hit ball from the high school baseball field could land in Stonehenge.  You can see the baseball field lights in this picture.


No, I do not have a clue as to why someone would build a replica of Stonehenge in the Texas Hill Country. There is plaque at the site telling why it was built and for whom if you are interested. Anyway, I wonder of Johnny Manziel ever hit a homerun into Stonehenge.



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  1. Did you see where Stanley Marsh 3……not to be confused with “Stanley” from the sawmill days….died. He’s the one that buried the Cadillacs around Amarillo. Don’t think it’s quite as famous as Stonehenge.

    Speaking of “Stanley” from the sawmill…..wonder what happened to them??? Remember Mama making Dorothy Stanley’s donuts….they had to rise and there were donuts ALL OVER THE PLACE.


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