Kiss My Bass

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Well, Kiss My Bass

Did you know that Texas high schools can offer fishing as an elective? This is no fish tale. It seems there were 84 two-person teams that competed in the 2014 Texas High School Fishing State Championship in March. Who is in charge of this competitive event? The Texas Education Agency or the University Interscholastic League? Is there a Director of Fish at one of the agencies? Does one get a Letter jacket from L. L. Bean? Student anglers must follow the no pass no play rule that all student athletes follow. Perhaps you should adopt a variation of that with a “no pass no cast” rule. Here is my question. In the article, Finders, Keepers in the Texas Co-op Power Magazine that was in my mailbox today, on page 15 it states, “The teammates, who will fish in eight to 10 tournaments this year, usually arrive a couple of days early to prefish a lake, identifying spawning beds, coves and underwater structures that, depending time of year and weather, should hold fish.” Aside from finding where the fish have sex, (and I so wanted to use the obvious alliteration), if you fish 10 tournaments and arrive two days early to prefish (really, prefish is a term?), aren’t you missing some school? Even counting weekends, this prefishing, or finding where the fish are, must certainly bleed into some week days. Are those considered excused or unexcused absences? Now less you think this bass fishing phenomena is limited to the small, rural behind the pine curtain schools, I see where THE Woodlands, College Park club, member caught a tournament record 32 pound fish. I know you cannot wait to learn more about this topic, so I am giving you the websites as they are listed at the end of the article. “To learn more about high school fishing, including tournament listings, visit or” Yes, I see the last site looks like a high school sexting site and it is not a typo. Time runs out on the Aggies in baseball.

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