May 29, 2014

I’m a little Tea Pot; short and stout; This is my Senate and this is my clout.  Also known as just when we thought we could not do worse, with Dewhurst. Hang On Buckaroos, this is shaping up to be a Texas government for the history books.  May I be the first of a long and growing group who said “Be careful what you wish for?”  With the distinct possibility of Dan Patrick taking dictatorship over the Texas Senate, it is enough to turn Texas back into a blue state. Where are those Castro brothers?  But I now live in a county so red that I bought a pair of red shorts to look as though I fit in.  What are the residents of Bryan called? Bryanites? Bryanettes? I am pretty certain the people who live north in Hearne are called Hernias. And of course the residents of College State are called Aggies.  Last Saturday my friend, Karen R and I went to the Longhorn Steak House in downtown Bryan. When she asked “what kind of red wine do you have?” the response was “merlot” and “cabernet.” However the steak was delicious and the sign as you exit said it all “You call it a mascot; we call it a steak.”  One morning while she was here, we took a walk around my new neighborhood. We happened upon the across the street neighbor – RC. Not Slocum. More like the cola. But RC had his bible tucked under his arm. I asked what he was going to do and he replied, “I am going to go read to some of the people in my church.” And then he asked “Do you ladies go to church?” Karen responded first while I hoped he would not ask me, but then RC turn to me and said “How about you?”  Truthfully, I said, “I was confirmed right down the street here at St. Joseph’s and I might give it a try since I moved back.” RC kind of made a hurrmph sound and said “Catholic, huh? Some of my best Christian friends are Catholic.”  I am not sure those red shorts are going to be enough.

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