Lent Day Thirty-Five

Lent Day – Thirty-Five

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 – Well, it looks like the sun went down on my old Kentucky home, she said, Huskiely. What a great tournament. This has me worried about tonight between the unbeatens from the women’s side. Notre Dame seems to have a string of bad luck at the end of the rainbow. First, ND big girl goes down with ACL, and then the UConn men surprisingly capture the National Title. So if UConn women win tonight, once again UConn can claim both national titles, like they did in 2004. That is a big incentive, as if beating The Irish is not enough. Lots of history to be made tonight by just bouncing a round ball. I understand the Pope will consider a victory as a miracle for Muffet in the quest for basketball sainthood. If Notre Dame wins, do you think that can serve as Easter Confession? Probably not. I was wondering – what if the top twelve players on the UConn men’s team married the top ten players on the women’s team. What kind of basketball team would it look like? When they say big, strong and husky, they are not just talking about the mascot. Perhaps that could be someone’s science fair project. A Genetic Study of Projected Offspring as Produced by Division I National Championships Teams in a Single Basketball Season at The University of Connecticut. Perhaps another study could be Am I the Only One Creeped Out by the Notre Dame Leprechaun?

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