Lent – Day Twenty-Eight

Lent – Day Twenty-Eight

Tuesday, April 1, 2014 – OK. I realize yesterday was short because it was late in the evening and I was mad at the referee, so today I will make it up by writing a 1000 word essay on The Psychological and Emotional Effects of Bracket Demolition during the Spring Equinox. April Fool! I am not writing 1000 words, but I will write a couple of hundred. Basketball has moved from highly intensive watching to a mild interest. I picked South Carolina to go to the Women’s Final Four. But the Gamecocks went limp and were beaten by North Carolina. That is not a forest fire in South Bend. That is the flames from the candles lit in prayer to the Patron Saint of Knees and ACLs of Notre Dame’s big girl. Now to the little round white ball that is dimpled and you hit it with a stick. Today was the Star Ranch Golf Club Ladies League end of winter season awards luncheon. This was my first year to play in a league. It is most humbling. I actually fell into the creek the first day I played in the league. I figured it could not get any worse than that. But today I was surprised to get two envelopes. Actually, I was surprised to get anything. One envelope says: Ringer 2nd Flight, 7th Place. I am pretty certain that is seventh out of seven of the worse group. But hey, my winnings for seventh place were $3.00. The other envelope says: 2nd Flight: Low Net – 3rd Place. And that envelope had $9.00 in it. So my winnings at Star Ranch so far total $12.75. I got the seventy-five cents on a chip into the hole once. I hope I do not lose my amateur status.

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  1. ++++++++++++++++++++ Sooo, you are not quite ready to go on tour???


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