Lent – Day – Twenty-One

Lent – Day Twenty-One

Lent – Day 21 – Tuesday, March 25, 2014 – “You forgot your flash drive; you forgot your flash drive; you forgot your flash drive.” From The Big Bang Theory, when Sheldon forgets his flash drive with his presentation on it. You have to watch it. But in reality – “I just washed my flash drive; I just washed my flash drive; I just washed my flash drive.” Or perhaps “I just dried my flash drive in the dryer.” On the positive side, Mrs. Lincoln, all of your blue jeans are clean, dried, folded and put away. After a thorough search of all of the jeans’ pockets and the laundry appliances, it appears the flash drive has run away with the sock. You know how laundry appliances are. You are certain you load two socks, but only one is in the appliance when the cycle ends. I suspect there is a black hole that swallows items just to make us crazy. So, “I just lost my flash-drive; etc.” I am not concerned about the contents, because after all, it is a flash drive, but it was the big flash drive. Oh well, as they say, it is now gone in flash. Groan. Bouncing around again, congratulations to the Baylor Bears – all of them, for reaching the Sweet 16! The men’s team is the only team left in the tournament from Texas. On the women’s side, hope still floats with Texas and the Fighting Texas Aggies and Baylor. Unfortunately, Baylor must go to South Bend. I wonder if ND has a Three-point, Jesus, like they have a Touchdown Jesus. While we must not get ahead of ourselves (read: Kentucky (Baylor) and DePaul (Texas A&M)), it could be the Catholics and the Baptists and the Huskies and the Aggies in the Elite Eight. I am lost for a conclusion, so feel free to make one up.

One response to “Lent – Day – Twenty-One

  1. You and my son could talk basketball. He has tickets to the dance in Dallas. He has planned his immediate life around this event!


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