Lent Day Ten

Lent Day 10

Friday, March 14, 2014 – This television program aired in March 1964. What is Jeopardy? Perhaps a more accurate question would be “What is one of my all-time favorite TV game shows?” Our Final Jeopardy answer today is Art Fleming. While the Final Jeopardy theme song is going through your head and you know it is, we shall move forward. Or backwards as the case may be. I love to watch Jeopardy and have since the Jeopardy boards were blue cardboard squares with all five categories housed in a larger box of some type. When a contestant selected a topic in a category for an amount, the dollar amount card would suddenly be pulled upward as if by magic to reveal the answer. Sometimes the dollar card would not fly out in a flush manner and would jam, revealing only a few words of the answer. Then you would see a hand reach over and pull the card upward. Funny. Yes, yes, I know I could be a contestant on Jeopardy, but I figure you only get one game show per lifetime and mine is going to be TPIR – The Price is Right. I dream of hearing my name “…Come on down.” I have watched TPIR since Bill Cullen was the host. Not Bob Barker and he was the host for decades. But I watched Bob Barker also. Jeopardy might have appeared after TPIR. It may have been after Concentration. Maybe it on before Twenty-One, before the scandal. But it was definitely on before Beat The Clock. But now, let’s see what you wrote down – Who was the host of the original version of the television game show Jeopardy, which aired on NBC from 1964 until 1975?

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