Lent Day Four

Saturday, March 8, 2014
Lent Day 4

March Madness. This is the term commonly given to that exciting period of buzzer beaters and floor riots called college basketball playoff games. It is also known as the period we wait and watch basketball until college football season begins. I love March Madness and can hardly wait to complete my brackets. Yes, I am as happy as a tattoo artist in a basketball venue. I play both NCAA men’s and women’s tournament brackets. There will be much more about brackets as we go along. But speaking of women’s basketball, I just got this retweet from the Pope. “At this time, Ms. McGraw, you do not have enough miracles for Sainthood. There are no plans for St. Muffett. Even though you do have one national championship and the ability to balance flawlessly on stiletto heels while in a full squatting position and maintaining, not only your balance, but your dignity, these are still suspect. While beating Geno and UConn to win the Final Four and the National Championship will qualify as a miracle, you are still a couple of miracles shy. I will, however, consider “Muffet, The Huskie Slayer” as a new title if you and Notre Dame win.” OK, I made that up, but when ND and UConn play, I always hope the all of the bathrooms over flow and flood the court up to the basket rims, and there is no electricity and the popcorn machine breaks. Whatever non-life threatening catastrophe let somebody else play for goodness sake. I am tired of you. I understand there is nothing else to do in Connecticut and South Bend. But give it a rest. However, I would enjoy seeing Geno trying to balance on stiletto heels.

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